Automated Search Engine Ranking Using Real Geographic Locations

Keyword ranking using real servers around the globe which deliver the most accurate location specific search results from Google. Our Google keyword rank checker finds both natural and map listings based on the geographic location of your choice.

How our keyword ranking checker works

When a new keyword tracked for your domain you will have the option to assign a SERPs fetching server at the same time. We have fetching servers all over the globe that have been chosen because of their strong geographic signals.

Once the keyword is entered for a domain, it is sent to your chosen server for ranking. The server will check the first 10 Google search result pages for your domain and return with the keyword position. This search is done in a similar way to that of a human to ensure that the results are almost identical to regular human searches.

Ranking Service Accuracy - compared to manual ranking
SEOm 96.5%
Authority Labs 90.1%

This table indicates the variation in manual rankings for hundreds of keywords across different domains and various locations

Benefits of our Google keyword rank checker

Geographically Accurate

Because we have servers located all over the globe, you are able to assign each keyword to be searched for from a specific location. This helps you to receive the most accurate search engine keyword rank available. The SEOm keyword rank checker gives you similar results that your client's customers would see, so you can get better and more accurate reports on keyword SERPs movement.‚Äč

Google Maps Listing

The SEOm rank checker also includes Google Map results. Map results have become an important element in a business' appearance in SERPs since they appear above the natural search results. Therefore, it's imperative to report on these local search result rankings - for clients, and to aid directing and enhancing local search optimisation.