View & Manage Your Backlink Sources From a Single Location

Keep your link sources organised, get an automated evaluation of each and ensure you're always making the most of their features.

Collate Link Sources

As your team completes backlink work for clients the link sources are automatically added to your account profile. Each link source is matched with other clients to find further opportunities.

Automated Link Source Rating

Link sources are rated on a number of factors to give you an indication of their value. Some of those factors include the ability to use anchor text in the link source, how quickly new content on the link source is indexed by search engines and the estimated impact the link source will have on keyword rankings.

Clients matched with potential link source

To make the most of your discovered link sources, comparisons are quickly made to determine whether each new link source will be suitable for your other clients. Once fully analysed, new link sources are also loaded into Link Assist to help streamline your link building process.